Welcome to No Regrets

Welcome, one and all, to the [No Regrets] guild page. As the site runs off retail WoW, some functions of the site will be obsolete. We can use this page for event planning and discussion outside of the game.

To Add Yourself to the Roster

  • Click Guild Roster and then Characters
  • Next click Add Character and pick Manually if the option appears
  • Leave the Game as "World of Warcraft" and Server as "Test"
  • Input all information according to your character until you reach Spec
  • For the Spec options put Spec 1 as your intended role (some trees will be different so get as close to possible)
  • If you do not know which role you want or are not running one tree then pick "Hybrid" and make Spec 2 your intended tree.

Call Out

Thank you one and all for your support of [No Regrets]! If you wish, feel free to invite new members so we can grow the guild to glory! For the Alliance!

  1. English will be the primary language in Guild Chat
  2. Only registered players can achieve the rank of Member or higher after Week 2 (around April 30th, cut off at May 1st this rule will take effect)
  3. After two weeks of inactivity, you will be review for removal from the guild. This merely to lower clutter and bulges. If you have been removed and feel you should not have been, please contact any member for a new invite.
  4. Be kind to all members of the guild, fun is first and foremost
  5. Malicious behavior may be presented to Kindred Souls, Officers and the Guild Master for review.
  6. Sign up for scheduled Raids and Dungeons if you wish to participate. Spontaneous runs will be possible but only if there are enough players available
  7. If/When we reach End-Game content and establish Raiding teams and roles, a system will be implemented to determine loot drops. The system shall be decided by a vote from the whole playerbase and attempt to represent hardwork and need over simple time in the guild or elitism. Fun is first and foremost, people! No one likes never receiving that lovely, lushious loot!
  8. Have fun! This one is most important and should be rule one (but we like to end on a good note.)

List of Members to Answer Your Questions
  • Thorneist (Guild Master)
  • Mabuto (Officer)
  • Akeldama (Officer)
  • Barbagris (Officer)
  • Eskulior (Officer)
  • Lynxiia (Officer)
  • Teleoash (Officer)
  • Seese (Officer)
  • Bandz (Kindred Soul)
  • Exoah (Kindred Soul)
  • Totho (Kindred Soul)
  • Javaco (Kindred Soul)
  • Syphons (Kindred Soul)
  • Nihilisn (Kindred Soul)
  • Stormbrew (Kindred Soul)
  • Bandz (Kindred Soul)
  • Osiria (Kindred Soul)
  • Dustor (Kindred Soul)
  • Killtopolis (Kindred Soul)
  • Varos (Kindred Soul)
Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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